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The HOT FILLER has been designed and built to fill different height bottles (from 120mm up to 300mm) at max. production speed of 60.000 bph.
The machine is equipped with a little infeed conveyor which conveys the empty bottle to the couple of screw that determine the right distance to be accepted by the starwheel; it places them on the plates below the filling valves; at this point the bottle is ready to be filled thanks to the nozzles inside the bottle.

Once completed the filling process, the bottle is picked up by the second starwheel run thanks to a unique drive unit and are connected each other through an appropriate drive gear.

The HOT FILLER Monoblock (Filling-capping), thanks to its filling system with circulation at light controlled pressure, is particulary suited for liquid or semi-thick products, foaming ones too, (ex, still water, spirits, syrup, fruit juice, tomato sauces, vegetal and mineral oil, shampoo, detergents, methylated spirits, distilled water, etc.) where the quantity is determined by the level joined inside the container.

The machine is manufactured in the models from 6 up to 60 valves for production up to 60.000 bph.
The Monoblock model with two cappers allows to run alternatively different kinds of caps.
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