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Our products > Drying Tunnel

DRYING TUNNEL equipped with single-lane conveyor, sized to dry boxes in order to allow correct labelling.
The DRYING TUNNEL can be set up in different ways (size/power), to adapt to production requirements, to installation layot and available space.
This machine's length can be customized and allows the creation of a complete drying line by putting various units together.

DRYER model with adjustable carters:

  • Blowers frame in stainless steel
  • Blowers frame in AISI304 plate + soundproof
  • Transparent panels in tintend polycarbonate
  • Joint for adjustment of blower carters
  • Lowers accessor door (removal of glass and broken bottles)
  • Integranded under-cap jets, single group (for module DRY > 3Mt) with 3Km blowers.

The eletric control panel is always supplied seperately and sized to clients needs. Machines that are longer than 5 metres are made in 2 moduli (for logistic needs). ST1 is a module complete with structure and jets for under cap drying; can be applied before the DRY TUNNEL.
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